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The importance of enhancing the ICU workflow
The intensive care unit (ICU), where staff constantly needs to be ready to respond to worst-case scenarios, is seen as the last frontier for saving patients' lives. Pulling the resources together, while maintaining the best possible workflow, supports an efficient healing environment, including one for early patient mobility.

Staff safety
In a streamlined workflow, electrical cables and medical gas outlets are stowed instead of being routed along the floor, reducing trip hazards and improving ICU hygiene.

Working environment
Better workflow improves access to patients' heads and necks, making it easier to administer many treatments. A better workflow also ensures sufficient resources and equipment are available.

Enabling effective care
Improved workflow provides patients the opportunity for better mobility and improved  psychological well-being and comfort, all assisting in faster recovery.

Reducing cost
A well set-up ICU workflow enables more effective patient care, shortening patient ICU stays further reducing hospital costs.